Examples to properly configure TRAFFIC BOOST according to your store

Need some inspiration? Here are some examples to help you configure TRAFFIC BOOST properly.
Choose the descriptions that are best suited to you in order to increase your chances of boosting your store’s traffic and sales!
Make your customer want to share your store with a post-purchase email.

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Description of the Thank You page

The description is what will encourage your customer to share their purchase with their loved ones from your thank you page.
To increase the chances of sharing, you can offer him a discount voucher or a gift for himself and those around him.

PS: the color that frames the application options depends on your store, if it is black or colorless, then the frame will be black, it is there to attract the customer’s eye to your offer.

Example N°1 :
TEXT (H2) Congratulations! 🥳 Thanks to your purchase, you now benefit from an additional -20% discount on your next purchase, for you and for your friends ➡️ HAPPY20Share it now ⬇️
Exemple N°2 :


Congratulations! Recommend our store to your friends in order to benefit from an exceptional 15% discount code, valid for you and your entourage on your next order 😍

Exemple N°3 :


Good news !

By sharing your purchase with your friends, you can use the shared link to enjoy an additional -20% discount for your next purchase!

Text displayed in the share

The share text is the text that will be sent with the shared link to your customers’ relatives.

Example N°1 :

Hi ! Thanks to my purchase, I am offering you an exceptional 20% discount on the 2 in 1 handbag! Enjoy it 😋

Example N°2 :

Thanks to my purchase, I won -15% on my next orders! I send you the code so that you can also benefit from it 😍

Example N°3 :

I share this link with you where you will have -20% on your order automatically because I have just ordered too, it’s amazing ! 😻