Becoming our partner is a long-term investment

Do you want to earn a salary or additional income? talk to us and earn a percentage of the subscriptions you earn!

Who are we ?

Welcome to you young investor! Our TrafficBoost team is glad you are here. We are a team of e-merchants who have developed the TrafficBoost application on shopify to allow your shops to obtain new customers through sharing and word of mouth! I hope to count you among us for a partnership😀

Earn up to 50% of the turnover that you bring back to us per month!

Here you will not need to invest money but a little time. The goal is to simply share your link with your community or your friends, we will take care of the rest! Our system will calculate your percentage based on the number of subscribers reported. You will have access to your data in real time and each month you will receive a transfer plus bonuses if you achieve good results! Now it’s up to you and register below.

How much can I expect to earn?

Affiliate Program

We offer several levels of earning for our partnership. We rely on the active customers on the app, that our partners report to us.

Level Status Customers Profits
4 AMBASSADOR 251 and + 50 %
3 DIRECTOR 101 - 250 40 %
2 MANAGER 51 - 100 30 %
1 PARTNER 0 - 50 20 %

Bonus Program

Earn bonuses with each additional level. As a bonus you receive a bonus for each additional level.

Level Revenue Bonus
4 $ 30 000 $ 1 000
3 $ 10 000 $ 500
2 $ 5 000 $ 250
1 $ 2 500 $ 100

I become a partner

Enter all your information so that we can create your partner profile:

Once your information has been received by our team, we will send you your partner page where you will have all the necessary data to get started.

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